$2.89 Assorted Flavors 

$3.19 Gluten Free

Argo Tea

Ready-to-drink bottled iced teas are all natural, made only with premium loose leaf tea, real ingredients, fruit juices, and spices.

 Hibiscus Tea Sangria, Green Tea Ginger Twist, Green Tea Strawberry, Hibiscus Apple,

 NEW!- Ginger Peach 


Taco Pasta Salad 


 White Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Truffle, Very Berry, Orginal New York, and Gluten Free Orginal New York

Peanut Butter

White Chocolate Macadmia Nut & Chocolate Chunk & MMM...Candy $1.79

Parmesan Peppercorn Pasta




Enriched with Minerals and Electrolytes, Alkaline PH, Filtered throught Porous Volcanic Rock

1/2 L. - $1.79

1  L. - $2.79

Pulled Pork

With Sweet or Spicy

P&K BBQ Sauce 

Onions and Pickles

On a Brioche Bun

Cold Brew Coffee & Milk

Mocha, Vanilla, Orignal


Shamrock Farms Cold Brew Coffee & Milk starts with 100% Colombian beans roasted and ground to perfection, then steeped in cold water for a silky smooth flavor. We then add Shamrock Farms’ pure, wholesome milk sourced from our family of local farms for a fresh difference you taste.


Made Here in Traverse City Michigan 

Small batches, fresh, almost all Michigan potatoes and spices and a good, old-fashioned Midwestern work ethic.